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Tables will be held for 15mins and seated when all guest are present


For dates & times that are unavailable, it is due reservation limits. This does not mean that we are full for the day. 

We encourage walk-ins and set aside a few tables for walk-in patrons

Table reservations

Weekend reservations are limited. Walk-ins are prioritised. Dates unavailable does NOT mean we are full.


Tuesdays - Friday   // ALL DAY

Saturday - Sunday // AVAILABLE ALL DAY but limited, walk-ins are prioritised


Party size of 8 & more. Email us, we will sort it for you!

For changes to reservations, please call/email us!

Weekends reservations are limited, we prioritise walk-in patrons on weekends


​Please note that information received is kept private. Information will be used for the purpose of reservations only.

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